Rita Bertolli, Sept 2010


Denver, Colorado - A Wheat Ridge senior tap dance group, including Denver-based ITA members, was recently treated to a special day with the internationally famous TAP DOGS performance group on a September tour stop in Denver, Colorado.

The Soft Shoe Shufflers, a non-profit group of senior tappers from the Denver suburb of Wheat Ridge, were given a one hour private charity workshop, instructed by four of the TAP DOGS: Ryan Gifford, MacKenzie Greenwell, Travis Knights, and Dominic Mortezadeh. Seniors were taught percussion steps from the opening segment of the TAP DOGS stage performance, learned a beginning syncopated step-sequence, and worked on their style. “Certainly a highlight of my life,” said one of the Shufflers present. “Anyone who is into tap dance has to admire this group of incredible performers.”

In addition to the workshop, the senior group participated as the live audience for the KWGN CW2 Everyday Show, where they had the opportunity to speak briefly and ask questions of six of the TAP DOGS performers featured on the program. They were also invited to see the TAP DOGS live stage performance at the Denver Performing Art Complex Buell Theatre that evening.

“They are extremely inspirational to those of us who are learning to tap, and also very fine young men on a personal level,” added an International Tap Association member at the conclusion of the workshop. “We feel very special to have spent one-on-one time with these incredible entertainers. Very enriching for all of us.”

TAP DOGS is an unprecedented 80 minute tap show, founded in Sydney Australia, that combines the strength and power of workmen with the precision and talent of tap dancing. For more information, visit