Get Involved

Here is the What, Why & How's of YOUR ITA:
1) Membership:

What: Become a member and have the opportunity to stay in touch with the global tap community through event listings, your own online ITA page and blog, and access to other members. You will also be able to advertise for event or products at a reduced rate.

Why: To have your voice heard and to contribute.

How you can help: Join today.

2) Our Event Calendar:

What: Our goal is to keep the most comprehensive listing of tap related events that exists, so that we can be sure to stay informed of each other’s activity worldwide.

Why: So that you have an international way to get your info to as large an audience as possible. You also will have a way to find out what else is scheduled to avoid conflicting events.

How you can help: Members can submit events through the interactive calendar page and let everybody know what you’re doing and how tap is growing throughout the world. Non-members can submit events via this form and the ITA staff will update the calendar weekly.

3) Our Committees:

What: Our Program and Services, Editorial, Communications/Marketing and Fundraising Committees are here to focus on your needs as a member.

Why: We envision the ITA as an organization that serves the international community and helps the art form of tap dance to gain the recognition that it deserves.

How you can help: Get involved. Petition to be on the board. Volunteer or be an ITA Regional Representative. (see below)


4) Editorial Content on Website:

What: Our “Dancer Spotlight” and “Feature Article” are in addition to news and event reports - and we want to hear from you.

Why: Our focus is to keep tap viable, exciting and to inform the tap world and it’s audience as to the many things that are happening around the world. With regard to this goal, we will be asking for editorial submissions for the categories of Dancer Spotlight and our monthly Feature. Selections for publication will be made by lottery once each submission is approved and finalized for selection. Online submission links below.

How you can help: Just do it - as a famous foot ware company has stated! If you pass the criterion for the category, you will have the same opportunities as everyone to have your voice heard.


5) ITA Regional Representatives:

What: The ITA, since it’s inception, has had regional representatives who work to organize and unify their country or region. We have now redesigned the requirements to become a representative. You can read all about these details below.

Why: Communities can traditionally join together or become fractured and with this individual members can unify or divide. With a common goal of unification, regions of the world can hold meetings and work together, feeding input and ideas to the home office of the ITA. If we work together, we as a global community can feed and support each other. An over-riding focus of the ITA is to see tap dance respected and understood as an art form and to expand our audience base. Let’s make this our common goal and strengthen our art form one community at a time.

How you can help: Consider whether you are a good candidate for a regional representative. Are you an organizer, a unifier? Do you want to take on the task of leading your community to some common goals?


6) Advertising:

What: Take out an ad to advertise your event.

Why: We have a great mailing list and our website gets over 250,000+ hits per month!

How you can help: Just do it.

CLICK on any of the links below and you can find out the details to getting involved.
Whether you want to…


There is a place for you in the ITA. We hope to include every country in the world where dancers are tap dancing and loving it. We hope that you will lead us in bringing to the table the specific needs and achievements of your region.

Let’s get to work and start to unify our global tap dance community.