About the ITA

The International Tap Association (ITA) was founded in 1987 at the Colorado Dance Festival by leading and legendary tap performers, teachers, historians, presenters, students, and fans. Dedicated to its mission “to serve the needs of the tap community and to promote the understanding, preservation, and development of tap as an art form” the ITA has established advocacy programs and special projects to educate dance professionals and the public about tap, helping it to take its respected place in the larger world of dance. Launching with Charles “Honi” Coles as Honorary Chairman; Gregory Hines, Honorary President; and historian Sally Sommer as the ITA’s first editor of publications, the ITA now assists in preserving this American art, once in danger of being lost, by encouraging archival documentation and research as well as by serving as a clearing house for the media, producers, scholars, educators, and artists.


For two decades, the ITA was nurtured and cultivated under the umbrella of CDF with a part-time staff and volunteer writers, scholars and historians from the field as well as help from numerous tap dance representatives from around the world.   In 2001, ITA became an independent 501(c)(3) organization.


As the only worldwide service organization for tap the ITA has documented the field in print since 1988 and since has encouraged tap dancers and devotees to unite and collectively work for positive solutions.


We invite you to join us in this quest and to enjoy the many personal and professional benefits of ITA members.