September 2011
L’Escola Luthier d’Arts Musicals (Luthier School of Music) is opening a new Dance area, a space of 800m2 dedicated to Dance and Music. Its director, Guillem Alonso, started this project with the aim to establish a quality Dance School, maintaining the prestige achieved at the School of Music during more than 30 years of experience under the direction of his mother, Alícia Alcalay.

Guillem Alonso is a Tap dancer and choreographer. Last year he won the DansaCat 2010 Award inrecognition of an entire professional career dedicated to Tap. After having studied in New York and takenpart in different performances all over the world, he decided to establish himself in Barcelona and collaborate in the growth and professionalization of Dance in our city.
Carrer Balmes, 53. 08007 Barcelona.
Tel. +34-933232246