Jay Allison Talks Tap / Aug 1 



Today’s post features the fabulous Jaye Allison, who will be performing with us this fall. Read on for her thoughts on tap, from the totally serious to the totally silly, including her most expensive pair of tap shoes and her celebrity tap crush!


Question: Why tap?

Answer: Interestingly enough, Tap was the reason I wanted to learn dance and ended up being the last thing in dance I finally learned. I was a 2nd grader who went to my best friend’s recital at the gorgeous Academy of Music theater where the opening song and dance number (complete with glow in the dark feet, hands and horns) just blew me away and I knew I wanted to do that when I grew up! Seven years later I auditioned for CAPA (without prior training) and was magically accepted. They trained me in all the forms of dance and threw me in a tap/ jazz dance for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. But ended up finally taking lessons at my girlfriend’s dance school starting in 10th grade where I finally learned the things the school threw me into. Anyway, I know this is a lifelong story, and I’ll cut to the chase. I always tap danced after learning about it and in college had LaVaughn Robinson for four years. These lessons made me a very happy dancer indeed and I clung to my learning all these years while maintaining a touring career, a professional dance company and teaching. When things with modern dance went south for my company’s livelihood, I turned it into a producing entity so I could enjoy as much tap dance as possible and share it with the world, literally! It just made sense to return to my first love! (READ MORE ABOUT PHILLY)