April 2012 / Liber Scal & Alicia Batana

In Buenos Aires there is an increasing interest in tap dance. Enthusiastic teachers continue their classes; TV appearance of Castro Videla Twins, Monica Povoli's shows of "tap and music" and the appearance on TV of the popular tap director Anibal Pachano have all contributed to the difusion of this form of art.

Alberto Aguero, tap dancer and excellent director, is now preparing tap projects which he keeps in privacy until the last moment(we all hope they will appear soon!). Melisa Galarce continues classes at her new Academy "Figuras", she also has a permanent position, together with Bebe Labougle, as tap teachers at the IUNA (National University Art Institute) and also at Julio Bocca's Academy in "Musical Comedy". Congratulations to both of them! It is important that tap has been accepted and included in higher level education.

Andrea Tezze continues with her charity presentations of tap dance; in the latest show she used jazz music, "marimba" rhythm, "rumba" and percussion without music, maintaining the style of each music. We must also mention the contribution of Dr.Alberto Cormillot, renowned physician who loves tap dance; during 2011 he presented a tap show at the Broadway Theater in Buenos Aires due to his 50 year's dedication to his profession; his daughter and two grand daughters accompanied him in this popular tap event.

In Comodoro Rivadavia (Southern Argentina) Liber Scal and Alicia Batana continue their pioneer work, more people slowly discover what tap dance is and young ones are now practicing it. A very active and enthusiastic group at Monica Totino's Academy were prepared by Alicia and Liber and were very well received both at Comodoro Rivadavia 's Cultural Center and "Español Theater" and were invited to Pico Truncado's festival last November.

Alicia Batana gave a seminar at the Arab Dance Meeting in Sarmiento city, Arab dance students were really interested at the comparison of tap dance technique and that of arab percussive dances. Alicia also presented her choreography of tap-derbake percussion dancing with a group of arab dancers of Marcela Mortada's Academy, both at Maria Auxiliadora Theater and at the School of Art where it was very well received.

Liber Scal is now recovering from his double bypass surgery that prevented him from tap dancing during 2011. But, in spite of this, he introduced some beautiful tap steps in his actoral unipersonal video - this was really splendid!

In Rada Tilly, Chubut, Stella Fernandez also continues giving tap classes to a group of very young students which are really improving, they are following Liber Scal's Tap Method , and Liber takes their annual exams. In Buenos Aires, Alberto Aguero is also introducing Liber's method into his classes - a sophisticated method that looks for precision in percussion anddisplacement (using 8 different positions) as well as elegance in the movements.