Stephanie Fairchild-Schlater, Feb 2012



My name is Tiffany Fairchild-Schlater. Along with teaching around the country at conventions, I am currently a Director, teacher & choreographer at the Judy Dollenmayer Studio of Dance in Columbus, OH. I was teaching my advanced tap class the other night & I noticed this 4 yr old boy was watching intensely at the door. I asked him if he would like to come in & watch. He ran to his mother, asked permission & then ran into my classroom. He proceeded to "tap dance" with my teenage class. He was having a great time & he was mimicking their movement very well. I asked if he would like to be a tap dancer. He replied yes!!! I want to be a tap dancer just like Jeffrey! Jeffrey is a senior in high school and one of my most talented tap students. I suggested that he should join our all boys beginner tap class. He was very excited & also told me that he practices tap dancing in his "church shoes" because they make a louder noise than his high tops! I was so touched to see the joy & excitement in his eyes. He was the talk of the studio all night! Teachers, leave your doors open & be inviting. You never know who you may inspire to be the next generation of dancers! The dance lives on!