LA Summer Activities

By Jim Taylor
Los Angeles / Sept, 2010
Bob Scheerer was honored in N.Y.C. by Tradition in Tap with a workshop and award ceremony on Memorial Day weekend. Bob and wife Denise taught along with several other Tap Masters. Rusty Frank presented various videos of Bob’s dancing in films. Denise Scheerer and daughter Angel performed in Ashland, OR with great success at the Black Swan and Oregon Cabaret Theatre on August 16th and 17th. “Swing Shift, Take Two” featured the mother-daughter team.
Sarah Reich has traveled to teach and perform at the DC Tap Fest, Bob Scheerer Tap Experience in NY, Jacob's Pillow Tap Program in Massachusetts, New Jersey Tap Fest, Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden, LA Tap Fest, Motor City Tap Fest and at the Vancouver Tap Fest. She also does guest performances at Mambo's in Glendale, every third Tuesday of the month, "The Floor" improv night at the King King club in Hollywood and with Steve Zee at the M Bar in Hollywood. Her new tap company, Tap Con Sabor performed at the DC, New Jersey and LA tap festivals. Also, the Hoofer's Night she started in April is held once a month at Universal Dance Designs and her Monday Night Tap Experience classes are still going on as well! Sarah was written up in DANCE magazine in the May issue.
Steve Zee spent much of the summer out of the country, teaching and performing in Aix-en-Provence and Limoges, France, including the second "Festival de Claquettes" presented by Jacky Calian and his organization Prise de Step. He was also in Sao Paulo, Brazil performing, giving master classes, creating choreography and acting as a judge at the Passo de Arte festival. Steve’s lovely wife Carol is in her tenth year as Artistic Director for the organization Everybody Dance, which has grown impressively over the past decade and now includes 4 studio locations. Carol recently received the Lester Horton Award for Service to the Community, given by the Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles.