The ITA Loses One of the Family


August 2010



Ron Terrell, President of the International Tap Association for many years, passed away August 29, 2010. Many thanks for all of the time and support given to our organization.  He will indeed be missed for his dedication and love of the art form and the ITA.


In honor of his life of rhythm, he asked that contributions be made to The International Tap Association, P.O. Box 150574, Austin, TX 78715.


The following is from Ellie Sciarra, ITA Member who served with Ron on the ITA Board - Boulder, CO


Ron Terrell was a beam of light! His smile was infectious and having him as my student was in many ways a teaching for me. In spite of having rheumatoid arthritis he would work with ease but with total dedication to the rhythm and clarity. Of course, he would smile doing it. He would videotape classes so that he could practice outside class. There was elegance about Ron that was pure style and grace. He was generous, light hearted, fun and loved to perform anytime, anywhere.


Ron and I were on the ITA board in the early days and he was committed in bringing a public presence to tap in Colorado. He was a true advocate for tap. Ron touched many lives and in particular his senior students. Rita Gaddis of Westminster describes Ron’s impact as a teacher.


Since 1997, Ron Terrell began teaching tap dance classes at the City of Westminster Senior Center. The talent, dedication and genuine enjoyment of teaching that Ron brought to his class that was incredible to watch. He tirelessly taught those who had two left feet and those who truly had dance skills. No matter what their tap dance level, Ron gave the same amount of praise and encouragement. He carried a bright smile on his face and was always willing to jump in and assist with Talent Shows and special dance events. For 13 years Ron was at the recreation center every Tuesday and Thursday and you could tell he loved what he did. I can assure you, this dedication was not because of the money he made teaching. It was because he was a genuinely giving person. I know he's dancing in Heaven.


Written expressly for Ron's memorial by his sister, Zee

I hear you're teaching angels how to dance, from the waltz to the west coast swing.

The angels promised to repay you by teaching you how to sing.

The angels got the toughest job, this they will know real soon.

This talented wonderful dancer cannot hold a tune.

They tried everything from doe ray mi to fa so la ti doe.

Nothing seemed to work, how to sing he simply did not know.

Finally settling for the rhythm in his legs and in his feet.

The angels caught on fast and never missed a beat

The angels realized they could not teach him how to sing.

Keeping a tune would never be a prominent thing.

To show their appreciation he was given a dancing school.

All that was required is that he follow the angel's rule.

Teach us all your steps, cha, cha, tango, quickstep and the swing.

Promise us thru eternity you will never ever try to sing.



Ron Terrell, of Arvada, Colorado, was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1932 and passed away August 29, 2010. He was 77 years old. Husband of Annie; father of Wayne Terrell, Kim (Jerry) Klintz; son of Eddie Mae (John) Smith; brother of Zenolia Laura. Preceded in death by his daughter, Katrina. Contributions to The International Tap Association, P.O. Box 150574, Austin, TX 78715