Johnnie Hobbs, III, Mar 2012
Headed to rehearsal in Philly I spotted an old man dressed in pleaded pants and brown loafers. He wore a plain brown baseball cap, thick-rimmed eye glasses and a plaid shirt. He danced quickly on the pavement, mapping out a dance step he had learned what seemed to be ages ago, not missing a beat. The light-footed dance style didn’t match up with the youthful, angry music of the present day. But he didn’t care. Most ignored him while some starred and laughed, others threw money on the ground.
He stopped and said, “I don’t do it for the money. I do it for the love.”
In love with that statement, I asked him his name. “Art.”, he said. Then he showed me a dance step or two and I was on my way, leaving him to continue his dance. I never saw Art again. Ever. As I arrived to my rehearsal, late (thanks to my curiosity and Art’s mini tutoring session), I began to ask myself, “Who was Art? What was his life before now? Who takes care of him? Do they know where he is? Would they approve?”
This is where “Nostalgia” was born.
That was in 2005. It’s now 2012 and those questions have turned into a story that I am extremely proud of. "Nostalgia" is not a story about a dream deferred but about dreams derailed. What happens to a living legend as he struggles to hold onto his music and his muse despite the fervent opposition of his loving son. “Nostalgia” takes two men on a journey as they encounter love, forgiveness, regret, resentment and acceptance.
A lovely cast has been assembled. Dule Hill (Bringin' Da Noise Bringin' Da Funk, The West Wing, Psych), Johnnie Hobbs, Jr., (The Wire Rocky, Cover), Chloe Arnold (SYTYCD, LATapFest, Tap Heat) and Jason Samuels Smith (Bringin' Da Noise Bringin' Da Funk, Idlewild, Tap Heat). Creator/Director of the tap dance company Tap Con Sabor!, Sarah Reich is the head choreographer and also performs in the film along side the very talented Elizabeth Burke, Logan Miller and Joshua Johnson.
The film has been filmed and in the can. We were so happy with the result we can't wait to get in the editing room and put together a film. We plan to get the film to the public during the summer time. Thank you for your support and love for the dance. Keep dancing and keep smiling. We are doing this for the dance. For the culture. I hope we make you proud.  LINK