Chicago Tap Summit

Breaking Barres
Nov, 2010
Since the very beginnings of the Tap Summits, we have always had a great time going down and showing our support. It has now been existence for 6 years, this year being its most successful yet! They always have a way of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The festival is small so it’s a great first away from home festival. Everyone who walks in is treated like family. For those itching to leave the nest and try something on international soil, start saving your pennies now!
This goofy group is full of personality. Everyone has something different to the table. One minute you are swinging with Tristan Bruns, and then you are grooving with Nora Clark, Improvising/remixing with Bril Barrett, and asking, “is Jumaanee Taylor really doing a 6/8?” Star and Donnetta will make you sweat and Jaybo starts the class off with a stretch, just when you really need it. The events are always fun and educational, the show is a must see event of the year, but most importantly there is always a ton of food waiting to fill you up and recharge for what’s next. Not to mention you are in Chicago! We know what you are thinking, and to be honest you have a better chance of seeing Barrack Obama before you see Oprah, but who needs Oprah when you have tap for three days straight?
Interning at the Summit has always been an experience. It is a huge part as to how we learned to start our own business and were able to take as many classes from as many people as we have. It is not all fun and games, and often there seems to be more work than classes being taken. The experiences and lesson learned in and out of class are invaluable. We strongly suggest to any young dancer, who wants to learn the business, or take class, but simply cannot afford to make to trek to really consider applying for an interning position. If you want it bad enough, you will make it happen.
Hope to see you next year!