Celebrating Dr. Jeni LeGon with "Introducing Sepia Girl"


Aug 2011 Announcement


Cleveland, OH: “Introducing Sepia Girl” is a historically-based multi-media production designed to take the audience on an entertaining journey that recounts the inspirational life of Dr. Jeni LeGon, aka “Minnie the Moocher,” star of screen and stage. Dr. LeGon is a living pioneer in the entertainment industry, who was once known as the best tap dancer in the world. She was also the first woman of color to receive a long-term contract in Hollywood, but there were lots of twists and turns on her path to success. Celebrated around the world, but barely recognized in the United States, the “Introducing Sepia Girl” revue was developed to educate, inspire, and touch all those who witness it on the stage. Join us as we explore the early days of Hollywood-from the 1930s to present day- and honor a true American legend, Dr. Jeni LeGon.