by Jim Taylor / Aug 2011

2011 has been a year of adventure and excitement! Los Angeles tap dancers/teachers have been busy teaching both here and abroad.
Sarah Reich put together Monday Night Tap Experience for young hoofers to hone their teaching and improvisational skills with a different teacher each week followed by a jam. Sarah’s home studio in Culver City, CA is ideal for both classes and her joyful “Tap Clips Nights”. She can be seen at almost every tap festival/workshop around the country and performs at clubs in the L.A. area. She and Melinda Sullivan can be seen regularly as the “Sole Sisters” at various clubs including the Edison in L.A. and the Typhoon Restaurant in Santa Monica. Sarah teaches at several major venues in L.A. and is regularly off to Costa Rica.
The Colburn School of Performing Arts has become a very active source of tap dancing in the past year. Their stellar roster of teachers included Denise Scheerer, Sarah Reich, Hiroshi Hamanishi and Angel Pennington. Recently they celebrated their beautiful new wooden tap floor with a workshop and concert. Guests and performers included Fred Strickler, Bob and Denise Scheerer, Angel Pennington, Denise Donovan, Linda Sohl and Monti Ellison, Carol and Steve Zee, Hiroshi Hamanishi, Ray McNamara, Blake Colie and Rusty Frank. Channing Cooke Holmes proved to be a triple threat as MC, percussionist and tap soloist. Some of the highlights of the performance included Sarah Reich and her new tap company Tap Con Sabor with a cameo by Melinda Sullivan and including L.A.’s newest tap star/percussionist, Aaron Williams. Fred Strickler and Denise Donovan dazzled everyone with their incredible musicianship, while Channing and Steve Zee caught everyone’s eye with a fun filled challenge using both taps and drums. Denise Scheerer and daughter Angel Pennington shined in a mellow piece choreographed by Bob Scheerer and Linda Sohl and Monti Ellison displayed excellence in their vocal/percussion/tap piece.
Steve Zee can be seen regularly at the Mbar in Hollywood with Aaron Williams on drums and taps plus various talented guest artists. You can always count on a most entertaining evening with Steve Zee and Friends!
So nice to have bi-coastal phenomenon Chloe Arnold back in L.A., when she is not in Taipei, Japan, Brazil or you-name-it…but that’s a story for a another time!